Any new Golden State fans?

I just watched a number 8 seed play with more heart than the number 1 seed. While I am a die hard Suns fan, I think I will add Golden State to my favorite teams (unless playing Suns). Anyone else?


Which NBA player has the most kids? (Past or present)?

Same here, I love my Suns but I loved the way GSW took the win over Dallas. Any team thats UNDEFEATED against the Mav's is Number 2 in my book.(of course, THe Suns will always be number 1)

What constitutes a team foul in the nba?


Why do people compare the Warriors to Cinderella?

Not a Warrior fan but I do check in to see how fellow Saginaw, MI native Jason Richardson is doing.

Defensive player of the year award who will get it?

Anyone in the Bay Area is a Warriors fan!
I'm a senior and this is going to be my last year here so I'm so glad they made it to the playoffs finally..
Warriors over Mavericks in 6!

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