What each play-offs' team in 06 grossed in $ from the NBA play-offs?

anything like this could help also


Define Tracy McGrady in one sentence. Just one.?

Best Record in NBA:$288,421
Best Record in Conference, $252,369 each:$504,737
Second Best Record in Conference, $202,842 each:$405,684
Third Best Record in Conference, $151,421 each:$302,842
Fourth Best Record in Conference, $119,000 each:$238,000
Fifth Best record in Conference, $99,158 each:$198,316
Sixth Best Record in Conference, $67,632 each:$135,263
Teams Participating in First Round, $149,243 each:$2,387,895
Teams Participating in Conference Semifinals, $177,579 each:$1,420,632
Teams Participating in Conference Finals, $293,447 each:$1,173,789
Losing Team, NBA Finals:$1,173,474
Winning Team, NBA Finals: $1,770,947

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