Would you rather have Kobe attempt 30 contested shots a game or Luke Walton attempt 10 wide open jump shots?


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Kobe. In 30 shots he will end up at the line about six times and make at least seven of the others. Add on to the original free throw total the and-ones. Assuming he makes his playoff 90 % of the free throws thats already close to twenty points which is what Walton would make if he got 100 % of his which will never happen.

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Luke...but hopefully that won't be an option anymore

Luke, go to the heat! You are an amazing facilitator and post-entry passer...You know you loved playing with Shaq, and he actually recognized your contribution.and you get open, shaq will actually pass you the ball! You'd be such a great fit, maybe even play some backup point.

However, what is said here is irrelevant as far as Kobe is concerned.he's taking 30+ shots a game regardless...thats who he is..and thats why he will not lead a team to a championship (its actually looking doubtful he'll lead a team out of the first round!)

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Kobe moving to the South Pole taking Luke's father with him.


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I'd rather have the open shots any day of the week.
Luke is still a decent shooter, but he just isnt as good as Kobe, ns.
Luke can shoot, and Kobe can two.
But does he have a hand in his face? I dun think so

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kobe. he'd make that contested shot into a regular shot with his natrual fadeaway. walton is inconsistent when he's way wide open. yet, kobe is consistent wide open, or not wide open (with 5 people on him or no people on him)

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Kobe attempting 30 contested shots a game, because he will make nearly half and twenty-six or twenty-eight points is more than eighteen, which is what Luke Walton would likely get out of his 10 wide open jump shots.

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Ill take both. But until Luke actually starts MAKING some shots like he was earlier in the year, there is no way that Kobe is going to be able to rely on him.

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KOBE. Even if he is having a Horrible day, he will make at least 10 of the 30 shots. Walton will never hit all 10 of his shots. So simple math tells me that I would rather have kobe take 10 contested shots.

Further, Kobe will get fouled on some of those if they are contested.

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kobe because his teamates are injured so ill go with him attempting those shots.

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I would rather not see Kobe do anything and I am so happy that I don't have to.

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