Any chance of an asian guy making to the nba?

i know yao ming made it but he really tall so he lucky. but like i am an asian guy my self , do u guys think there any chance at all? like i practice alot and alot but it feel like im never gona pass those who are better then me.


Do the Piston's have a lock on the NBA title, or will someone step up and derail them.?

Keep practicing. There's always a chance, you have to believe in yourself! Good luck!

Is KG really the only player out there that can help the Lakers get back into contention?

wang zhi-zhi used to play in the league

Are the Pistons about to disappoint us.?

yao ming and theres a guy in the draft yi jianlian that is a lottery pick around 4th

Are NBA refs biased?

Aside from Yao Ming, who's already one of the NBA's best, Wang Zhi Zhi and Mengke Bateer have played in the league. Plus in the coming draft, Yi Jian-Lan is a sure lottery pick.
BTW, Yao is in the league not because of pure luck. Apart from being tall, he has very good basketball skills.

Speculation about the results of all around nba selection team (first team) for this year?

So far, all asian basketball players that made it to the nba are the tall ones. Unless your a good passer/shooter or could jump high, its really hard to get in to a division 1 college team, let alone the NBA

Are th Suns going to pull this one out?

TOTALLY!! if ur good!! actually, asians, on average, have a higher % 3 pointer -- better aim than most. tootles.

Who is better right now, Kobe or Lebron? RIGHT NOW, NOT FUTURE?

basketball is a world game, so the avenue is open. color, height, nationality, etc. have nothing to do with it. if you work hard enough, and have a little luck, you can do it. also, there will always be someone better. find your niche, better yet carve it.

How many hall of fame basketball players played in and won nba final game?

I would suggest you stop focusing on your nationality and start asking yourself, "Do I have game?" Everybody who has responded to your question has no idea how good or bad your are. You and your coaches/teammates have a better idea. Seems like you're already saying other people can make it in the NBA because they're tall (like Spud Webb, Steve Nash, John Stockton, Dee Brown, etc.) I'm just guessing, but I think players like Tony Parker (France), Manu Ginobilli (Argentina), Dirk Nowitzki (Germany), Steve Nash (Canada/South Africa), and others had the mentality of, "I can play in the NBA. I can compete." If you're looking for support from people who have never seen you play...I think you already know the answer.

All-nba team.this close attention to the question!?

of course.

Who will win the fight kobe bryant or jason kidd?

Maybe you should study in an American college. But the NBA sent some people here in the Philippines for the Jr. NBA thingy I don't know.

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