Why are so many basketball writers down on Vince Carter?


Are the spurs or the suns the team to beat for playoffs?

he sucks

Would you believe me if I told you I saw Jackson and Harrington?

because he's just having and average year but he still is a impact player and the new jersey nets need him to step up if they plan on going deep into the playoffs.

Why is don nelson laughing at mark cuban's mavericks??

Vince Carter is one of the most talented players in the NBA when you combine his overall talent and athleticsm, yet he is not known as a leader. He dosen't have a winning attitude like the Wade's and the Kobe's. Compared to the other stars in the NBA, he is not that hard of a worker. He could easily be the best player in the NBA because his combination of strength, balance, athletism and skill is untouched, but he chooses to be an average star.

In the playoffs which 2 teams will be the biggest threat to Detroit and Dallas?

he's an excellent offensive player and should be recognized w/ the top players, the mcgradys, bryants, arenas. he can break his own man and pass or finish strong or nail the jump shot. but unlike the other elite players that are being talked about, even criticized about, the ones you see on sportscenter night in and night out, vince doesn't play defense. he's either too damn stupid to learn or he's lazy but he plays absolutley no defense, its ridiculous. maybe it's also the lack of leadership he possess but a player that talented, shouldnt be getting school'ed by eric snow. c'mon now. hes not even the headline of his own team, i think kidd n r jeff gets just as much, if not, more publicity. he's like an eastern conference version of a ray allen, great offensive player, but plays no defense and gets overshadowed by other stars on an avg team.

Anyone who watched Mavs-Warriors Game 5.?

You know i think they live to write something bad about a person and if that person isn't doing things like some of the other basketball players then they have to pick on someone so why not Vince Carter or all the other ones who don't do the things that the other players do.They are always saying things bad things that some players do why not talk about what good things that some of the players are doing.

Will the Dallas Mavericks head to the NBA Finals this Year?

Because he can never compare to Larry byrd or Charles Barkley or the Greates Michael Jordan.

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