"apple" is a retard.?

so this "apple" chick think's Dirk is MVP. what she cant get through her small little brain, is that it was the GMs survey, not the real thing...and yet she's so insistent on it...anyone else wanna beak her?


Who will be the Indiana Pacers new Coach?

Meh cant blame her for getting excited. She just didnt read it carefully enough. If i saw Nash up there i would assume that as well. But on the other hand, I would read the article more carefully to be sure, instead of making a total joke of myself lol

Why don't the Denver Nuggets put Linas Kleiza in the starting lineup already?

Well, if the choice is between the "fruit" (apple) or the "nut" (yourself) -I'll go with the "fruit". Personally- I like "Oranges", but she's close enough... :)

I've heard heard a rumor that Kadour Ziani could live to the level as being the next MJ is that true?

Tell her it's not the real thing just a GMs survey, and she will have plenty to be happy about when Dirk actually wins the MVP.
GMs know what they are doing when they say who they think is MVP.

Is this dallas/warriors series the best you've ever seen?

Tell her that it wuz just a survey. I mean there's no way Dirk is gonna win MVP. If anyone, it should be Iverson.

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