Any comments on last nights game? Spurs and Suns?

I was very dissapointed on the lead that the Suns had, but wasn't surprised when the Spurs picked it up. Guess the suns "couldn't make it over the hump"


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They ran out of gas no surprise. This is similar to what happened two years ago. You had the suns coming out firing on all cylinders expending alot of energy on the offensive side of the ball. Then when the second half rolled around end of 3rd or early to mid 4th is when the spurs came alive. They just made sure to keep it close 10-12 points or less and then come out.

People keep saying that the spurs are old but with their age came experience. It was a 48 minute. Although they didn't play really bad the first 3 quarters they made sure to conserve enough energy to make a run in the 4th. If the pattern of this series continues the suns win game 6 and the spurs win game 7 thus winning the series. . I hope they do



Being short handed helped to make the players short on fuel.

They ran out of gas in the 4th and Duncan and Ginobili had their way with Thomas and Marion.

It was a great game and the Suns gave it everything they had. Game 6

I say again - game 6

The Spurs better be ready to fight!

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i only watched the game till halftime, and i saw shawn marion get 20 points and 10 rebounds. amare doesnt even average that in a GAME in the regular season. i was thinking, wow, he's gonna have a monster game!

monster letdown. 4 points in the 2nd half for marion. it could have been his chance to really assert himself as a real superstar.

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Disapoiting game, enuf said.

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The Spurs are getting pushed into the next round of the playoffs by Stern. If the Suns had even just one of their players last night they would have won.
I think they will come back with a vegeance and win the next two games and move on to see Utah

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Its been a great Series
Even with all this Drama
How did spurs go from being to boring and bland with no physical presence to the NBA bad boys
People if you look at every team under a microscope you will come out with the same results.
Yes Im a spurs fan and i wish everyone could have played

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You have to remember Spurs play ball knowing there is 48min in a ballgame. They take their time, move the ball around make their shots, and get it done. Any spurs fan who watched the game last nite and saw the big lead the suns had in the 1st half would of told you...wait till the second half. That's when they come alive. The suns ran themselves ragged by the time the 4th quarter came around, they were wore out.

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Believe me, Stern would rather have the Suns/Cavs matchup in the finals. Stern is not really trying to help the Spurs in the playoffs, he made the right decision and is not going to change the rules to make the Suns happy. Face the consequences and face the facts. Who ever wins from now on should no question be the better team right? Anyway, the Spurs are tough. I've never seen this toughness from them ever and I like it. Go Spurs!

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I don't know how any intelligent, fair minded, sincere fan of basketball who supports the Spurs can mock the Suns without conceding that this series will likely decided by suspensions. Suspensions for rule violations the Spurs themselves committed but were not called on. Suspensions following altercations that were incited by the Spurs resorting to street ball thuggery.

The Spurs have shown themselves to be classless in how they have brutalized Nash. San Antonio was once considered to be the class of the league. Now they are playing as though they spent the entire off season in Ron Artest's School for Good Sportsmanship and Gentlemanly Conduct.

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the suns are organized version of the warriors and we all know where they are. hey suns at least the spurs are not hitting u like they warriors hit people so stop bitchin!! stephen jackson wouldve really hurt nash.

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It took halftime for the Spurs to realize they had the upper hand in the game and they need to put their foot on the Suns throat and end it. Suns are the only road bump on the way to the Spurs winning another Championship.

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Suns lost Spurs won.

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wow the spurs got lucky the susn were in control of that game for 3 and a half quarters and just ran out of gas.
everybody should congragulate stu jackson on that win man he had a hard fought win

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