Any ideas to improve you vert?

need like half a foot to be dunking.


Who's gonna beat the San Antonio SPURS?

look it up.

Who wants a cinderella story to happen in the NBA?

Who's Vert?

What are you thoughts on game 2 of the pistons vs cavs?

Try jumping on a trampoline. That may have helped improve my vertical. I'm six feet tall (or somewhere around that height) and I throw down some impressive one and two handed dunks on a ten foot hoop. Also if you know any plyometric excercises try them out. Just keep jumping!

Where can i hear the remarks Imus made about Rutgers girls basketball?

Angle weights, jump rope, leg press, squats with weights, and many more. You just need to build up your leg muscles.

Does CUBAN stand for...?

jump soles- guarunteed to increase your vertical by 5-10 inches.
They increased mine by 7 inches. Check out the website:

Is Big Foot (s) real?

Stand on ur feet, then move ur foot heel up and down. Do this about 50 times every time u get a chance. This will build up strength in ur ankles and legs so u can jump higher and run faster.

Should the NBA be a reality show and have people phone in their favorite teams to the Finals?

just keep jumping towad the sky but like you gotta ben your nees and swing your arms up.


Just start running stairs so that you willl build up your Quadriceps. And also perform leg presses or squats to help strengthen them, and do calf raises to strengthen your calves to help you jump higher. I used to do this everyday when training for basketball and it helped tremendously.

How many basketball players are there in a basketball team?


Lebron James & Carlos Boozer.Wow...Did Cleveland make a mistake?

ask the pro..

MavZ suck or warriors to good?

well... i think if you put weights on your feet and try jumping with that for a few months and then remove it and then you are able to jump higher =D lolz i'm sooo not good at high jumping lolz =P

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