Another bad game and another victory. Can the Cav's touch the Pistons and moreover can they recover?


How can I contact Karl Malone?

You aint never gonna get through the "D" Lebron!!

Tayshaun played bad so did webber and most other players had mediocre games. But again we win.

And again someone else like say Maxiel steps up!

OK seriously, when do they announce the MVP?

yes they can. remember last year. im not really worried cuz i feel they'll(hopefully) do better on home floor. besides the games r so close that it can go either way, so i'd it woulda gone cavs way at home. just wait n c, they'll come back.=)

Which teams might have won the finals if the Bulls didnt exist in the 90's?

Cavs can't beat Detroit in a series and Detroit can't beat the Spurs in the finals

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