After seeing Cavs VS Wizards who do you think will win the series ?

I think the Cavs will win it 4-0


Why is it that most people just say they hate the heat...but have no back up for their opinion?

You don't even need to watch the series to know the Cavs will take it. A Wizards team without Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas? A team that is playing on the road? Cavs in 4. Maybe 5 if somehow the Wizards get Jamison and Daniels to play their heart out while Lebron goes cold.

Can anyone tell me if solekickz and ie a legit site??

Like I said in an earlier question. the wizards HAVE a chance to win. It's just that their chances of winning are SLIM. My prediction: Cavs in 5

Freshman of the year?

I agree with you the Cavaliers will win the series 4-0 the Wizards are hurt with Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler not at 100%

What do u think the lakers will change about there roster next year?

w/o agent 0 the wizards dont have a chance
cavs in 4 possibly 5

Is Patterson going to sign with Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia, Duke, or where??

It will be a very close series.. Both teams are great. I believe it'll probably be cleveland in game 7, but wizards also has a great possibility.

Steve Nash was last years Most Valuable Player, or as it's called, the MPFree, what was that like?

I think Cavaliers will can sweep over Wizards 4-0 without Arena and Butler. I'm not interested in Cavs vs. Wizards in series and don't watch them. Like to watch Bulls vs. Heat and all western teams in round one. Also interest Raptors vs. Nets Raptor fans booed at Carter's former team.

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