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Question:I`m Generally a Good Basketball player,I made my school's team twice .And over the 2 years i`ve gotten WAAY better.I can do cross overs,I can do crossovers behind my back.I can do crossover's Beetween My legs..I`m a good defended and I play offence good.I also Was made pointguard of my team (last year) this year For school.( 2006 -2007) and Well Ever since basketball ended i`ve been practicing,not every day but.My shotting had gotten ..weird..I can shoot the normal way (Left hand on the side of the ball..Right hand on the back.and then shoot with a backspin)..and i can shoot a different way (which i use for 3 pointers)..but everytime i shoot..the 'normal' way..I always jump 3 steps forward..Is there any kind of tips for me.SO that I can not jump forwards..3 steps.
Also. Do you guys have any tips on What to do before The game..Like Anything to help me.Not get nervouse.? ty to all who answere


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If you don't want to jump forward you can build up your leg strength so it takes less of an effort ot get the ball to the rim but really who cares if you jump forward? It only matters where your feet started from in terms of 3 pointers, in fact the only time it matters where you land is shooting freethrows.

if you wantto get more strength you can also bend your knees more

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Well first of all.you should not be jumping outward when you shoot. You need to learn to keep your feet underneath you and stay balanced. Stop practicing so far away when you shoot. Start closer to the goal and practice jumping straight up when you shoot. Push the ball off your fingertips when you are at your highest elevation. The farther away you get from the basket.you need to use more of your legs and thats not by jumping forward. About being nervous.its okay to be nervous before a game just use it in a positive manner. Don't let that change or alter your game. Stay focused and pretend every practice is like a game so come game time.it will be a cake walk. Good luck.

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I am glad that you can change hands well and are a good defender. Those are important parts of being a quality player.
This stepping forward (no traveling calls?) makes me believe that your subconscious thinks that you are out of your range and thus your body has to generate more strength. I do have to wonder what this "different way" to shoot threes would be, likely a big problem if you want to be consistently good.
Generating strength is a big issue. We need to do that in a way that does not mess with accuracy. You need to spend this off-season re-establishing your range. That starts by shooting lots of shots from only 6 to 9 feet away, in which you shoot by bending your knees and checking to see that you land where you jump from. Also, you probably need to lower the starting point of your shot to forearm parallel to the floor. No worries in doing that. Point guards usually shoot open shots and are very rarely blocked. In doing so, your lift is to be quick and in one smooth motion, which helps generate strength.
You do not get to move back until you can make 60% of your shots from 9 feet away without floating (landing somewhere other than your jumping spot).
I like your grip as you describe it.

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