Who else thinks charles barkley is an idiot?

He doesn't seem to make many intelligant comments. The best comment he made is dont be in my 5. He always bashes the Suns and the Warriors because he emphasizes stupid things like defense


Golden state . a darkhorse??

me!!!! i dont know what people see in him he is sooooooooo stupid and arrogant. i used to like him but its just he is sooooooooooooooo stupid. he should sit and think.. stupid people like him really irritate me!

Will the Pistons Will Go All The Way?

WHAT??!! He's awsome!

Whos going to win tonight Spurs or Phoenix?

i have to ogree with you when he,s off the basketball court.

Who is going to win the playoffs...pistons or?

haha i reckon! hes such an idiot. needs to get his act together and...change himself back to his "old" person. if ya get what i mean...

Are you surprised the Pistons are spanking the Bulls in the series?

he is a better player than you

Do you think i will ever dunk?

give the guy some credit,he,s wrong some of the time ,but that does,nt make him an idiot.if he stop the cussin he be ok in my book. love the commercials with him and d-wade.

Will the mavericks win today?

our nickname for Charles Barkley is "bucket head"..kinda dented, not real pretty, full of useless information!

You think the GS Warriors are in trouble because teams perform better during hardships (ala Derek Fisher)?

He would be an excellent politician if people think he is that dumb. America has a pechant for electing idiots.
He has been knocking on the Bay Area but at least he's REAL. He's not gonna suck up and kiss everyone's butt. And he seems to own up when he is wrong, as we can see by him wearing the Nowitski jersey last night. I like him because he is REAL.

1997 nba draft?

Ugh, I can't stand him. I respect him as a player, but as a analyst?? -- some of his comments are just idiotic. He seems to just say what he feels, rather than actual facts. It was hi-larious to see his face after the Warriors beat the Mav's last night!

That being said, I wouldn't want to see him go. He is very successful at amusing me w/ his crap, and it's a lot of fun to watch everyone else rag on him.

Does Allen Iverson have a chance to taste the NBA championship trophy?

That because defense translates directly to winning championships. When was the last time a high powered offense won a championship, or a team won the title that wasn't good defensively?? Like never.

Charles is entertaining, and while I don't agree with all his comments, I like the fact he speaks his mind.

I need information on the 2007 EUROPEAN BASKETBALL FREE AGENT CAMP held in Luxembourg?

Barkley needs to just take
a twinkie and then take
a nap.

Why do so many people praise defensive old school games? Makes the game flow like mud.?

All Celtic fans.

I play basketball and I've lost my jumpshot. Any advice of how to get it back?

He gives you his point of view. How many of us has been right on every basketball subject. But I think he is OK and is a knowledgeable basketball mind.


I heard that basketball players hang into a bar an hour a day?

he kissed a donkeys ***

Describe the fall of Lakers after Mitch Kupchak took over.?

what did he say?...i heard he was saying stuff about the warriors and the bay area...could someone tell me what he said...and now charles barkley does suck

Fouling out in a game?

youre a dumbcrap without defense nothing is there jsut look at the mavs!

How can people like the Spurs?

Charles, cuts down his own former Phx Suns. He's jealous,
cause deep down he knows Nash and company has a better team than Charles, Marley & Co.

He wishes he was younger and could still hang with these guys. That's why he's a hater.

Who'll Win?Utah Jazz or Houston Rockets.?

He is one of the greatest players. He know how to place defense. He is rich. That is what people see in him.

Spurs/suns would you foul or try to play good defense?

I like the guy. I think he makes Inside the NBA interesting and fun to watch.

How do I practice my follow-through inside my house at night?

Thats why he's an analyst. Ever notice how they always make fun of him on half time shows and stuff. He's funny and always disagrees with the other analysts which inspires arguments which is why they have 3 or 4 analysts discussing the topic so that the viewer can see the matter from several different point of views.

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