A couple questions on sports?

Question:1) why do u think that Japanese Pitcher are better then American pitcher? WHat website?
2)Why do u think that African Americans are leaving Baseball for Football and Basketball? What Website?



Will Pete Rose get into the Hall of Fame before or after Barry Bonds? Will Pete Rose ever get in?

1 because they teach more pitches
2 because baseball is now, harder to do, than basketball and football, because they are just played around the neighborhood. and baseball, is a game for rich people. people in the early 70s played just stick ball

Why are stadiums smaller?

What Website?? What are you talking about?!

Should D.H's be allowed to win an mvp or be allowed in the hall of fame?

so you ask us what we think and then tell us not to say what we believe??

hm..then i can't help you!

Are there more Red Soxs fans or Yankees fans on tonight?

Both of your questions are wrong. #1) Where did you ever hear that Japanese pitchers are better than Americans? How many Japanese P's are in the HOF? #2) African Americans aren't leaving baseball, they aren't entering it.

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