1 more Question-What is so significant about jackie robinson's contribution to our culture?

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Jack Morris did it to end the 1991 World Series. What pitchers since have extra inning complete games?

He broke baseball's color barrier. In doing so, he made what was then a very racist America realize that a black man could play baseball at the highest level. Baseball is more or less a microcosm (a tiny version) of American society, and this was a very important event because of that. Because of him, many other blacks got a chance to play the game, and that made the game better. He made baseball further enrich our lives by being there at an important time.

Who is your favorite Yankees player?

Baseball is America's pastime right?
Okay so when he became the first black player in MLB in 1947 it started a trend in America. His success on the field was only part of it. He was a great man, good morals, great home life, ate dinner at home every night he could make it, etc.
He also had to suffer through the worst heckling and threats made to any player before or since with the exception of Hank Aaron and now Barry Bonds. They would throw watermelons on the field during his first two years, and this was at his home field too! Kahn was the man who brought him in and instructed him to not retaliate verbally or otherwise. Robinson was great enough to listen to this advice, violence only begets more violence.
Robinson was the first effort of an individual in breaking the color segregation, only three years earlier did Truman integrate the US military. And it wasn't until 1955 that Brown vs. board of education started social and scholastic integration as well, Rosa Parks not sitting in the back of the bus 2 years after that. All this was due to Robinson's courage and fortitude. I. you, and very few others can even begin to get how much he had to put up with.
Prior to this in 1943 Robinson refused to take the back of the bus on a military transport. He was court martialed, but he appealed and was given an honorary discharge. This sparked Truman's decision to integrate the military.
So, not just in baseball was #42 an inspirational civil rights leader. He held up his end by being a great American, a great family man, great teammate, and a great individual player as well. VERY IMPORTANT time in America my dear, and he could have ruined it by reacting to the taunts, death threats, and watermelon tossings. He didn't though. He handled it with grace and dignity, therefore, showing these race baiters that he was impervious to their efforts to get rid of him.

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