(If a New York Yankees fan) Who is you favorite New York Yankees player?

A New York Yankees opinion question.


Who is you favorite baseball team? Mine is the A's!!?

I'm a hugh NY Yankee fan and it's hard to pick one. But I love Derek Jeter alot. Mo, Jorge, and Muss I also love.

Do you believe that the Yankees are worth $1 billion?

the captain #2, best ever

Will Bonds break the record, or?

A-Rod he kicks a**

Who cares about Barry Bonds!!?

Jeter, hand s down. He will have up to 175 hits each year for the next 4 years and reach near 3000 hits. After that, if healthy, he'll move to 3rd base or left field and get another 5 years and 500 or More hits a year. Hall of Famer for sure, first ballot!


Oh Captain My Captain...of course Derek Jeter..he's got great skills and is super sexi...lol. I love everyone else too but he's my favorite out of all of them. GO JETER!! GO YANKEES!!

Has anyone ever struck out 5 in a inning?

i was born in 91 so since ive been waching i say bernie. as of now i cant pick a rod, i hav to pik a true yankee and that wud be jeter.

What do you think would happen if New York bought the Red Sox and Boston bought the Yankees?

I'd have to say Posada...he is truly overlooked! He is in there everyday, and at the end of the season he has his 28HR and 90RBI. He handles the staff well and takes a beating behind the plate and still gets it done with the stick!

Is a curveball that starts up high out of the zone and ends high in the strikezone a good one?

Jeter or Posada

Can Dodgers/ Red Sox meet in Fall Classic? Little, Nomar, and Lowe makes LA Become Red Sox West.?

Mariano Rivera- not only the best closer ever, but the best postseason pitcher in history.

Yankees or Red Sox who will win the upcoming series?

come on man you know A-Rod's #1. the man has jacked like 8homeruns this year (they've only played 11 games).

Does Prince Fielder have 'man boobs'?

My man AROD!! But i love the whole team! :)

Is Dice-K's gyroball influenced by Greek baseball techniques in any way?

It WAS Bernie. A class act, and underrated. That Nazi Steinbrener couldn't offer him a decent contract. Currently... i'll go with Jorgey Posada... intense, solid catcher, and an overall clutch and underrated player. I also loved Pauly O'neill... "a warrior for a dynasty"-- . sorry i couldn't pick one, i love all my Yankees.

Whats the name of west virginias baseball field?

Derek Jeter

Who's your all time baseball team?

I'm not a yankees fan but I'm a fan of derek jeter i think he's a great guy but a-rod on the other hand thats a different story...

Who thinks the red sox has the best pitching rotation in baseball?

Bernie Williams (when he was playing)
Derek Jeter
Robinson Cano

Which division is the most boring?

Robinson Cano the best second baseman in the game

Giant's Fans?

A-Rod..... Yankee power..

Why does MLB schedule early games in cold weather...?

Bobby Abreu

How did multi Yankees manager Billy Martin come by the name Billy?

Those of us in Boston love Riviera

Does Fox broadcast baseball games in Hi Def? If not I think we shoud boycott. Except for 24 and Bones oh and

mariano rivera because if his ability 2 come in and shut people down in late innings consistantly

How could would Barry Bonds be at cricket?


Aaron Miles jams his music loud in the club house?!!?

im not a yankees fan, but i do kinda like derek jeter

In baseball, why do they call the third game of a three game set when its tied 1-1 the rubber match?

Lou Gehrig.

Who is going to win the World Series?

I'm a Red Sox fan and hate the Yankees, but you do have one guy I really like. Melky Cabrera, he'd start on almost any other team in baseball. He plays hard and has a great understanding of the game. He needs to get traded somewhere where he will get a chance to play everyday and show off his talent instead of playing once a week.

Detroit Tigers all the way in 07 who's with me!?

Of my lifetime as a fan, it's a tie between Thurman Munson (he died when I was only 4 though) and Don Mattingly. Of the most recent years it was Paul O.Neil, he was a true warrior (as George like to say) and the soul & fire of those championship teams. Of the current roster, you have to give proper respect to Jeter for what he does every day, however, I stick by what I say-Alex Rodriguez is the most talented position player I have ever watched. Granted, we haven't seen Seatlle era Arod on a consistent basis (except for the last couple weeks), but he is still the best player in baseball, and as a Yankee fan, we should all be happy he is on our side, and hope that he is not chased away from our beloved team because of the likes of Mike & the Mad Dog and all the Baseball Tonight-like talking head idiots.
P.S. Without Rivera, we're looking at probably only one championship, maybe two if they got lucky; and forget about the two they got to & lost-he's the MVP after 1998 on. That should count for something.

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