About Al Kaline.?

Does he really belong in the Hall of Fame? And just how good was he defensively? Do you think he deliberately "hung on" for a few too many seasons to get to 3,000 hits, or was he genuinely trying to help his team?


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Are you serious. he is a first ballot hall of famer easy. he led the tigers for many years. he borke into the league at 18 i think. he never played in the minors. he was an outstanding hitter, and a above average defender. there was nothing that he couldn't do. he may have played 1 to many years but he was never a problem to the team as a whole.

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good solid player and good fielder too

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He belongs as much in the HoF as many others.I always enjoyed watching him play and I thought he gave it everything he had. He seemed to me to be playing as a team member and he went about his business without a big mouth as do many contemporary players.

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He probably should have been elected into the Hall Of Fame already is what I hear people say all of the time.

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Kaline is a hall of famer no question. Great player.

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Automatic first ballot HOF'er for sure. One of the best defensive outfielder's of his time and a great, great hitter. Class act all the way.

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I am not a Tigers fan, but this is really a funny question. He carried a bunch of mediocre Detroit teams in the late fifties and early sixties, and by the time the Tigers becamse serious contenders, and in fact won the 1968 Series, he was past his prime, and, in fact, had to disrupt the lineup in order to play in the Series that year. Nevertheless, he as the numbers, he hit for a great average, and is as deserving as, say, the Ryne Sandbergs, and Billy Williams.

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The real question is not why Al Kaline is in the Hall of Fame, because he definitely belongs there, but why Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker aren't there too. They only hold the major league record for number of SS/SB double plays.

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He was a great player to the end! Awesome defensively! Any body who did the things he did in his career deserves to be a first ballot Hall Of Famer!

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