Any red sox fans here??...this is our year?


What happens to an at bat when there are two outs in an inning and a man on gets tagged trying to steal?

Let the Cubs have this year, we have been waiting a lot longer, it would be cool to have a Red Soxs/Cubs WS.

What was George Brett's baseball life from start to fished?

no it the cubs year go cubbies

Can anyone describe to me the new Pavilion Club seats at Fenway Park?

Could be if they hit consistently, and have middle relief.

Found a bill buckner firstbaseman glove at garage sale.wonder if it would ever be worth anything?

im soorry dude. yankees all the way!!

Who likes baseball?

naaa your not due for another 83 yrs ... my Yanks are going to straighten up and take it this year....

What's a good website to keep track of current college baseball and eventual playoffs?

yankees will take it all the way!
be prepared for the next broom coming to boston this weekend

Derek Jeter.?

your all wrong the mets all the way

Baseball Records?

damm scrat

Why doesnt mike sciocia go with justin speier and scot shields and franki?

You guys won it all a couple of years ago that means you have 84 more years before the next one. YANKEES RULE!!

Did pitcher throw a wild pitch to the rival pitcher when he's at bat, simply for retaliation?

Well we definitely have the division locked up and its about time. The Yankees fall from grace is truly fantastic. The playoffs should also be a cake walk with the rotation we have. Fun times ahead!!
I don't know what these Yankee fans are smoking but I want some of it.

Should Roger Clemens be criticized fro not traveling with the team?

the Red Sox suck!! Yankees all the way!!!

Anybody else agree with me that A-Rod is MVP this year?

Let's go Bosox!

They'll go for broke!

When did jackie robinson play major league baseball?

The Yankees fall from grace? We only played 3 weeks of baseball and the red sox think they have this thing all sewn up!
LOL LOL LOL Balzzy what are you smoking? when all is said and done,come OCT,,your shitty team will be out of the race,,like last yr!! And our YANKEE UNIVERSE will take it all
Fall from grace lol lol lol lol!

Baseball game.. rows and sections turner field atlanta ga?

give me a break, whatever "this is your year" ha, ha, ha, ha..
NOT!!!! lets go Yankees..

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