A History Question About Baseball?

Curious ,What is the Origins of Baseball when was it Invented and first played.Was it derived from Cricket, which seems to be very old and handed down from Centuries past .It is similar to Cricket .What is youre Opinion. Thank You.


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Baseball developed over time, based on a few different games, including cricket.

As it developed, it went west with the settlers,. Given the amount of land needed to play a game, it was a natural fit with the open spaces that were perceived by them.

Variations of the game were played across what is now the US, including variations between the game as it was played in the cities and as it was played in more rural areas.

In the 1830's, Alexander Cartwright began to codify the rules, as they were being used in the variation know as city ball. These codified rules were soon adopted throughout the country, although to this day, there are still local variations depending on local conditions.

Baseball bears little resemblance now to any of it's sources. It's played today, among other places, in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Italy,and Russia.

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Baseball was invenetd in the early 1800s, it developed from a game called Rounders, 4, yes 4 bases. It is said that a new version was invented in Cooperstown N.Y by a soldier named Abner Doubleday. It was also said in a war, I forgot which, soldiers played baseball using theyre guns as bats.

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i know all about this! first of all abner doubleday did not invent baseball. that was a story his friend told to get attention. it was created by no single person but here are some main contributors to the game. henry chadwick, alexander cartwright, candy cummings(inventor og the curveball), al spalding. a;so the first baseball bats were made of axe or broom handles not guns. it was invented in 1837. the first team wa sthe new york knickerbockers baseball club. the other guy was right saying that the game derived from rounders.

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Janus, the answer to your question is too elaborated and complicated to answer here.

I suggest that you "google" to Wikipedia and look up the answer to the history of baseball.

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It is from a children's game called rounders.

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all i no is that it's american

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I used to live on the road which turned into Main St. of Cooperstown, NY...the popular consensus is that it the first game was played in Cooperstown...however there's debate that the first game was actually played in a neighboring town called Fly Creek...I'm not sure weather there's conclusive evidence supporting those claims or not. But I always thought it was quite interesting. I've seen several instances where people almost came to blows over it. Cooperstown is a nice Americana looking town; but the people there are WEIRD. Living there almost killed my love for baseball. I'm glad I got out while I could.

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Abner Doubleday was the commanding officer at Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor at the start of the Civil War.
Baseball is not derived from Cricket at all it comes from a game called rounders.

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i know this 1 it was charles ingals on little house on the prairie in a town they used to call walnut grove . lol

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It was derived from a game called rounders...

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