My son's ipod was stolen from his baseball locker room in high school.?

I have filed a report with authorities and coaches and principle. what I need is a friendly way to ask all players parents via e-mail to ask if they have seen it around their son or sons friend. How do I do this, a sample letter would be great. I have asked the coach to ask player to return it discreetly with no questions asked. We just want the ipod back.


Jonathan Papelbon. Did you see the look on that man's face?

I wonder if there is a way Apple can track it through any IP address it is synced to? All iPods have a unique serial number that is captured when you register.

How to find the serial number:

Also, if you have a record of your serial number somewhere, you can register your iPod as stolen:

If you get it back or get a new one, get a StufBak label for it. It's nearly impossible to remove

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locker rooms are left open so kids can use bathrooms no supervisors are there any kid from area can get in an take it if your child left locker open i have had problem with this for YEARS

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This has nothing to do with baseball.

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what does this have to do with baseball.

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