Another pathetic season for the cubs ?

theyre 5-9 prior and wood hurt like always , zambrano struggling , derek lee not playing like the all star he was and ughh what else can i say the cubs are pathetic and never will win a championship theyre cursed !


Any cubs or white sox player will make all star team?

YEAH THEY ARE! Ha they aren't cursed, the Cubs just suck, always have, always will. Goin on 100 years!! So pathetic. Glad I'm from St. Louis!

Is there a site that lists the MLB players current at bat songs?

There is no such thing as a curse

Is it right for Hank Aaron NOT be present when Bonds passes his Homerun record?

What's your point? What baseball fan doesn't know this? What Cubs fan isn't aware of this?

Just sit back and watch baseball for the game it is.

Or do what I did. Watch minor league ball. It's a lot more rewarding.

What is all behind the dugout at a major league ballpark?

I still love them, even if they do not win. I was born and raised a cubs fan...lord help me. :))

1984 mets tv?

Its not an easy thing to go from the leagues third most losses to an above 500 record. The only outstanding player the Cubs brought in was Soriano. Ted Lilly is a slightly above a .500 record with 60 Wins and 59 losses. Lilly starts tomorrow so we'll see if he can get them a win. They blew a lot of money on Lilly and i would have liked to see him stay with the Jays. Theres something about the guy I like, but hes not that good of a pitcher.

The Jose Reyes shirt. whereeeeeee?

not as pathetic as the whiny sux will have.

Can the Dodgers win the world series this year?

They will be fine as soon as they get rid of qood and prior

Will A-Rod beat Barry Bonds' single season homer record?

G Cardinals! enough said.

Earned runs question has stumped 4 baseball fanatics so far that were my friends?

Cubs will get better...

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