Anyone think the Astros have a shot at the playoffs?

Im not saying world series champ, but just the playoffs themselves? if so, why, if not, then why not?


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There is no clear cut favorite in the NL central. every team has its strengths and each one has some major weaknesses as well. The addition of Carlos Lee should be huge, and if Ensberg can hit the way he did in 2005, they should be a force to at least contend. Except for the pirates, every team in the central has a chance to make it.

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i don't think so. i think that the Cubs and the Cards will make the playoffs from that division, so the stros have no chance..

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I don't think so, their is to much commpittion in the NL this year: SORRY

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Absolutely the Astros have a shot. If they get Clemens, they are probably the front-runners.

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I think they have a shot because you always do with Oswalt but I just don't think they have the pitching they had 2 years ago to compete with the Cardinals.

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Their pitching doesn't look like it will be as strong as recent years, but if they can stay above .500, the Astros will have a good shot at winning the NL Central. No team in the division really blows you away, and 85 wins may be enough to take it.

Marlins or padres?

Their rotation just doesn't make it for me. They have some of the pieces of the puzzle. Who wouldn't want Berkman, Lee, and those two kids in right look promising. It would take a bounce back year for Ensberg at the dish, the same for Lidge as the closer, and for the rotation to overachieve. Then you'd still have to contend with the Brewers and their great rotation, and the Cubs and their talent. In any case they wont be overtaking the Brews this season; even if everything else falls in place, the 'Stros rotation isn't good enough to get them to the playoffs.

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