Are all cities as obsessed with baseball as St. Louis?

I am from St. Louis and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cardinals. I have heard that we are baseball heaven, or something like that, and I was just wondering is it true across the country, does everyone think of us as a baseball town, or do they just say that around here? Everyone I know watches all the games and can't wait for baseball season every year. It's like we have hockey and football to occupy our time in off-season. As soon as baseball starts again we don't even think about our other teams, but during the other seasons all we talk about is how we can't wait for baseball. I have lived here my whole life so I guess I just thought that's how it was everywhere, is it?


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i love the cards adn i live near st.louis and we are deffently BASEBALL HEAVEN

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Catcher, Javy Lopez?

Not in San Diego

Please help i need this before may 18!!?

I haven't heard that. And I don't think it's true. Boston is WAY more so a baseball city.

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U think St.Louis is crazy about baseball? Try comin to Philly for any kind of sport. Us Philly fans our nuts.

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Definately not in California, people like baseball here and will attend games regularly. But there are so many other things to do in Cali that I think people like doing a variety of things out here. Especially with the weather being so nice all year, people will opt for other forms of recreation just as easily(such as going to the beach, yosemite, wine country, hikes, bike rides, and visit scenic cities like SF, Santa Barbara, Newport, San Diego, etc.)

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Card fans have been identified as the most intelligent and sportsmanlike of all fans. They give you a standing ovation for a sacrifice fly or a bunt, as long as it is a smart play and you hustle.

They will even give a standing ovation to the other teams players (except the Cubbies) if they make a great play. I was at old Busch when Griffey hit is 500th home run and they stopped play 2 times to give him standing ovations!!

Great baseball town, great new stadium, great team history. Can't beat it.

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Any of the cities that have had baseball through a few generations, have an obsession with their team, particular if they have had success in the playoffs or have had a history of Hall of Famers. It's the love of the sport that has been passed down through a family, it's sad to say that some of the more passionate small market teams have been hurt by free agency and the need for a lower payroll such as Pittsburgh & Kansas City and eventually Cleveland. The way that you feel toward your Cards are matched by Yankee, Red Sox & Cub fans, I'm sure.

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i know sports illustrated did this carzy issue on their 50th anniversary, i remember looking at it and it had a list of the craziest fans by city, best towns to play sports in along with the worst. i dont feel like getting up to go look for it. but baseball id say beantown. well harass you whether you like it or not. the place is just freakin crazy. id also like to let you know boston is home to the greatest call in sports talk show of all time (the Big Show on WEEI 850) nuckin futs. the fans that call in have something bad to say no matter what. last year when the red sox nearly swept the nl east in interleague play, (they had won like 13 game sin a row against all nl east teams) i can remember the people calling in and complaining about how manny was such a bum or someone wasnt doing their job completely. if your ever up in boston, turn the radio to AM 850 around rush hour, youl know what im talkin about.

im not talkin about whos the most sportsmanlike or intelligent, im talkin bout real fans, the ones that get dressed up in crazy costumes (raiders fans) and scream with the intent to make the other team cry (YANKEES SUCK) and i know i have a very biased view, but the sox fans stayed with a team who didnt win the world series for 86 years. yuo live and die with a team like the red sox. you want to see some fans. go out and pick up the 2004 red sox world champions dvd box set. got it for christmas in 2004 still my favorite movie to watch.

Fenway Park-America's most beloved ballpark

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well duh. especially the new york mets. were they steaming. the cardinals sucks if they play against the yankees. Cardinals go to hell

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Not TRUE, But Boston is Crazy about the RED SOX, New York loves Both Yankees and Mets, Detroit is liking the Tigers again, Minnesota admires the Twins but in Florida they don't care about the Marlins or Devil Rays.

Not Every city is created Equal, so be careful out there.

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Both New York teams have the city jumping around here!
Red Sox fans are pumped as well.

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I can give you other cities where there are more into baseball than anything else. The thing in St Louis is that the Cardinals are the best team they have in professional sports (compared with the NFL and NHL teams they have)

- New York (Both Mets and Yankees)
- Boston (This guys are hard core)
- Chicago (Specially the Cubs)
- Philadelphia

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We are the first pro team ever! Go Reds!

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