How can I listen to baseball broadcasts online/on the radio?

Question:Since MLB isn't allowing regular cable subscribers to order MLB Extra Innings this year, I'd like to listen to the games over the radio or online. (I don't want to support MLB by buying their MLBTV online.)

Does anyone know if XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Radio has baseball channels that air live baseball games on a regular basis? Are either of these worth it? I honestly don't know anything about XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Radio, so any information would help out a lot.

Do I have any other options that I haven't yet thought of? Thanks!

(By the way, I have regular cable, so I can watch local games, ESPN games, etc. on there. I just want to be able to watch/listen to more games.)


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Apparently MLB audio on the web is no longer free, but you can still get it for $14.95 per year (on

XM and Sirius require special receivers and monthly fees.

You may still be able to find minor-league games and audio from independent radio stations, and team web-sites.

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xm carries all baseball (MLB)

we are listening to the Phillies here at work. Get it, you will love it.

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XM broadcasts all major league games.

Many local radio stations simulcast online. So find out what radio station the game is on that you want to hear and see if they do a webcast.

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XM carries MLB. Sirius does not as it is a contract between XM and MLB. So really, since you are paying a fee to XM, you're supporting MLB anyhow. But I agree with the above answer, it's great.

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You can go on yahoo sports and watch it or you can go to

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