73 for Arod?

As much as I've hated that S.O.B, I have to say I'm pulling for him as of now as Barry Bonds gets ready to set another tainted record. Does Anyone else think Arod has a shot at 73? What about him hitting 800 homeruns for his career?


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I think he has a shot at both because unlike the Giant's line up, you can't pitch around A- Rod as easy. The Yanks have to good of an offensive line-up. I don't know if he will do it, but he will get close to both. 60+ this year and around 800 for his career.

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73 HRs for A-Rod this year? Not going to happen. I would love to see it, but it isn't going to happen.

As for where A-Rod ends up on the all-time HR list, that is anybody's guess. I say in the 700-800 HR club is probably attainable for A-Rod.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up.

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i think he going to hit 900+ homeruns for his career if he stays healthy. he's going to reach 500 this season, maybe more and yes, i think he has a big shot of hitting 73 this season. he already has 9 and it's the 3rd week of baseball.

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No on 73 but maybe on 800. He still won't achieve the ultimate goal and that is to win a world series.


it could happen. if not this year, some year. if barry beat aaron's record, arod or albert will break it one day.

Are these good seats?

Yeah Right, like they'll get the Playoffs wait until Late September No Playoffs No 73 Homers for A-Fraud.

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It's funny how many people hate on A-Rod now that he's a Yankee. I remember how many people were all about him being the best player in the game when he was still a Seattle Mariner, and even when he was a Texas Ranger. But as soon as he put on the Yankee pinstripes, he became A-Fraud, the most overrated player in the game.

Now, I don't like (and have never liked) the Yankees, but I can still recognize that A-Rod is still the best all-around player in the game. Pujols may be the better hitter, but Pujols will never join A-Rod in the 40-40 club (40 HRs and 40 stolen bases in the same season). Plus SS and 3B are much more premium defensive positions than 1B.

As for A-Rod breaking 73, it's doubtful. He'll hit a slow spot a couple times in the season, which will throw him off the pace. But 800 is definitely attainable. A-Rod is only 31 (he's exactly 7 days younger than me). If he plays till he's 40 (9 more seasons, including this one), I would look at his HR totals the next 9 years like this: 2007: 55, 2008: 51, 2009: 46, 2010: 40, 2011: 37, 2012: 35, 2013: 31, 2014: 27, 2015: 25. That's assuming no major injuries and a traditional decline in HR totals as he reaches the upper 30's. My projection gives him 347 HRs in the next 9 years. He already had 463 career HRs coming into this season, so my projection has him reaching 810 HRs by 40 years old. Of course, my projection could be way off (or he could get injured), but I wouldn't put 800 out of reach.

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he can do both as long as he stays healthy and focused.

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Ok, arod is a bust. He will get be the next albert for the next 2 months. Then wa wa wa he will get injured, like albert. Oh ya 800
homers arod, what else do u see buddy? The orioles winning every game for the rest of season and having there backup catcher win mvp? All im tellin u is arod he good, but not that good. (I love the orioles, and go BARRY!!!!!!)

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What I don't understand is why you have "always hated that sob" when you speak of A-Rod. I am RED SOX fan, but as a fan of the game, I hope I recognize greatness when I see it. AND, A-Rod is GREAT, as is Jeter and other Yankees. Why do we always have to "hate" players who do not live up to our expectations?? A-Rod is a natural shortstop, plays a decent third base, and is among the best hitters in the game today!! What is there to hate?? What amazes me is how he calmly takes the unfounded criticism from Yankee fans who are about as disloyal a group that exists in all of sports!!


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I dunno about 73 but I do think the AL record (still held by Maris, Bonds, Sosa, and McGuire were all NL) could be in jeopardy.

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