Am over average. . .?(baseball)?

i can pich top speed at around 87 mph i am 15 and i am 5 foot 9 inch! am i over average! what is the average speed gor a kid my age!


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if your able to keep that speed up for several innings then i guess you are above avg. i'm your age and about your size throwing 87-88 mph for 100+ pitches its really dominant

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87 MPH! That's pretty hard to believe!

I play for JV, and my top pitch is only 69 MPH.

I think your over exaggerating. No 15 year old kid can pitch that fast.

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You really think someones going to believe you? You can't even spell some words that you say.

"Am over average?"
"...gor my age?"

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And i can pitch 99 MPH, and im only 5'2

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I can pitch 178 mph and i am 7'2" tall. I was drafted by the yankees but i decided to pass and go to school since i am only 9. Liar liar

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dude there is know way. our best varsity pitcher throws 90 and im the second fasest freshman player and i throw 73. im 5'11 167 pounds. stop lying it will get you nowhere

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