10 points for the first person to answer the following....?

Question:-Name the second seeded team in the National League last year
-Name the player on that team who had the best batting average
-Name his postition
-Name his former team
-Name where he went to college


Question about baseball players' accessories?

2006 NL 2nd seed: Padres
Best batting average: this one is tough because technically Linebrink went 1-1 to bat 1000... bard only played in 93 games and had 231 at bats+27 walks so way below the required Plate appearances as well... so that leaves Adrian Gonzalez
Gonzalez plays 1st base
His last team was Texas
And didn't go to college
Great question.

Will Alex Rodriguez hit his 500th home run this year?


Batted ball hits runner, runner is out, does batter receive a hit in official scorebook?

San Diego, Josh Bard, Catcher, The Red Sox, Texas Tech.

Will Jimmy Rollins hit more than 30 homeruns?

who KNOWS?

Who thinks the oakland atheletics have the best colors in the mlb!?

Andre Ethier
Oakland A's
Arizona State Universtity

Do girl catchers wear cups?

San Diego
Josh Bard (the position player with the best BA)
Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox
Texas Tech

Is it just me, or is Curt Schilling the biggest douche in baseball?

paul lo duca had .318 (bannister had .333, but only had 12 AB)
catcher, first base
florida, and latest dodgers
Arizona State

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