1909 cubs cards?

I have two 1909 cubs tobacco cards, one is T206 joe tinker and the other is T206 jimmy sheckard...worthless?


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I'd say there aren't any tobacco cards that would be worthless. The Tinker one would be worth more (him being in the Hall of Fame and all), assuming their condition is the same. Overall, any tobacco cards are rare and you'd be best served taking them to a classic cards specialist (i.e., a major dealer, not the shop at the mall that also sells Pokemon cards) to get a firm idea of their condition and their marketability.

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There has to be some value there. Look on E-bay for past and current sales and Beckett.com.

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worth big $ sell sell

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NO there not worthless...I would keep them in plastic...there so rare that in any condition they will be good to go!! Thats history man...HISTORY!

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