2001 Braves misprint--Is it worth anything?

I have a 2001 rookie card with three Braves players, or at least former players, Jason Marquis, Wes Helms, and Mark DeRossa. What's funny about this is that under each picture is the wrong name, like it puts Jason Marquis under the photo of Wes Helms. Is something like this at all valuable even if they're no longer with that particular ball club?


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Only what a collector is willing to pay.

Red Sox fans ONLY?

It could be I mean if it was Jackie Robinson it would be would be a lot more. LOL

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I have a few cards that are like that. I have one of that the name on the card dose not match the palyer on the card. I asked a guy ar a card shop and he said that there is no demand for cards and no one is realy collecting them any more. I even have a few Reggie Bush rookie cards that are not worth much.

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If one or more get to the hall of Fame, and it is a flaw that got caught and fixed, it could well be worth a lot in 15 years.

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most misprints ,unless the player is great, are only worth about 10-50 cents more

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