Anyone think that the Toronto Blue Jays have a shot at the post season this year?

Please..this isn't an open invitation for Red Sox and Yankee fans to bash the team.


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I think they have a small chance..

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i think there are probably a few people who think that... hell there are people who believe in santa claus and the tooth fairy too, i guess people can beleive anything.

No wonder the NY yankees are doing horrible, look how miserable the manager looks all the time,?

I'm not here to bash the Blue Jay who will finish in second place over the 3rd place Red Sox once again.

With that being said. The Jays have a good shot at the wild card.

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Any team can get in the post season this year. The season just started. But i still do think that they can get in.

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I think they have a good chance to make it to the playoffs because the Yankees dont have great pitching so the Jays can beat them out for the wild card but the division will probably go to boston

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After watching the Jays vs. my Tiger's over the past four days I'd have to say yes.

Granted their in a strong division but their pitching has been steady and the bats have been hitting well.

The only problem would be health wise. Can they remain healthy all year? If they can then you can bet you'll see 'em in October.

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They have no shot. BJ Ryan is going to be out for a while and their pitching staff is horrible. There offense is ok but they cant compete with the Yankees or the Red Sox for the division or Twins, Angels, As, or whoever challenges for the wild card.

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hahahhahah bluejays is that a joke

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as a blue jay fan i think we have a good shot as any . the central teams will beat each other up and the west is terrible .The yankees have no pitching and the red soxs have no hitting, if the pitching staff holds up and the bullpen gets better we could win division . shawn marcum will be the papelbon for us

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The Blue Jays have a legitimate shot this year. They have an owner and GM who will spend the money and make the moves needed to stay competitive. In the same division as the Red Sox and Yankees, it's tough to win the division outright, but the Blue Jays are my favorite to win the wild card.

They have decent solid hitting, a fast and powerful lineup, but took a huge blow when closer B.J. Ryan was put on the DL.

Look for the Jays to win at least 80 games, finish second in the division behind the Red Sox and in front of the Yankees, and to win the wild card over one of the AL West teams.

Anyone in NYC? How's the weather...will the Mets play?

I think they have a great shot with their great rotation and stellar offense they could even win the World Series.

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Not in that division. Good team, maybe in the AL West or one of the NL divisions.

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Tough to see right now, especially with the loss of their closer. I hate to say it but unless something dramatic happens, expect to see the Yankees and Red Sox.

Go out and get another DOMINANT starter and they may get in.

P.S.- I am a Met fan, lol.

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every team has a shot

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