Albert Pujols?

does any one think he is going to get better this year he is not doing all that good so far this year...


What's the call? bases loaded, catcher misses ball runners start to advance but are forced to go back.?

He will get better. Haven't you noticed many other hitters slumps. Its early be patient and he will eventually guide the Cards to the playoffs.

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I think he'll get better. He definetly has a slow start, but don't worry. He has so much talent and he's not going keep it all inside. He'll get fired up and his talent will explode once again.

What holtel/hotels do the visiting teams stay at when their facing the toronto blue jays at the rogers centre?

It's early man, he's really pressing right now to get out of tis slump. He'll still hit 40+ have about 120 RBI and hit 290 or maybe 300.

If a woman played baseball, could she run with 3 balls?

he's a sleeping giant, patience grasshopper

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I'm a Cub fan so I sure hope he don't figure things out but it is early. He'll make the adjustments needed to find out what's up. I live here in the midwest and I can say it is cold. Once it warms up a bit, so will his bat. It's early, he's been scuffin but he'll figure it out.

As good as Santana is.Do you think Felix Hernandez could outpitch him this year?

yeah he'll be fine but the fact he wore #42 as a sign of respect and then hit 2 dingers was awesome GO PUJOLS!

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What do u mean he hasnt been doing "all that good", he has been HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, DREADFUL!!! there arnt enough adjectives to describe how bad he is letting people down right now!! that being said he will pick up his pace. MARK MY WORDS!!

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It is early in the seadon and I think once the weather warmsup so will Pujols.

What if Barry Bonds becomes an MLB manager, 10 yrs from now?

he is one of the most over rated players in the game today.

Wrigley field?

When it gets to be summer and hotter weather he will heat up!

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