Am I the only1 that thinks this??

I have seen Ichiro bat so many times but have not noticed 'til recently that he stands really gay!! Don't get me wrong he's a good player with amazing speed, batting, and throwing capabilities. But he just stands like a woman would stand! Funniest answer will win the points.


RedSox fans?

not as gay as A-Rod!

What is your all-time mets lineup?

no get a life dude please do us all a favor

Pitching, softball?

It's not as gay as his silver shoes and purse

Who has hit the most home runs before the all-star break?

Ever seen his with his purse and dress.

Heres a pic. No purse in this.

Sum1 found out and hes trying to be brave but hes really crying on the inside and asking his husband to hold him

Do you think the Mets will ever lose?

He's Japanese. Their culture is different from ours. It doesn't make much sense to judge Ichiro by the standards of our culture.

Which of the following teams finished with the worst record in the Major Leagues in 2002?

Confucious say "Man who stand like fairy, swing big stick well"

Does anyone cert. umpires this time of year ...oshaa ohio?

While your critique is stupid, petty, mean-spirited, and overall worthless, do try to recognize that his batting stance is part of his style, and his style has led to a great deal of success.

That stance has led him to an AL MVP Award, an AL Rookie Of The Year Award, six All-Star selections, a Silver Slugger Award, two AL batting titles, and six consecutive seasons of 200+ hits including leading the AL three times and setting a new season hits record with 262.

Now, I don't think he's the greatest player out there, but he's very good, and I find no worthwhile argument against his success to date, certainly not one centered on a useless criticism of his stance.

Besides, I've seen women at bat who stood, and I only use this because you framed the discussion this way and there's not really any better way to put this, dead butch. Someday when you work up the nerve to get within fifty feet of a live woman, take notice of such things instead of merely ogling her curvier parts.

Beer league softball team name?

Um nooooo. I've thought this many times. and i think michael young is a far more superior batter. He is fast, but soon reyes of the mets may be able to better him. as for throwing, no biggie. half the outfielders in the game have an arm as good or better.

Is Justin Morneau's MVP award ceremony before or after the Twins game tomorrow?

There is NOTHING FUNNY about discrimination of any ilk, including homophobia.

You need to find and take a sensitivity course.

If clemens plays?

Lets see, Ichiro is a free agent after this year, the Giants could use a centerfielder. Maybe he's just auditioning for the job :-)

Look out if he starts skipping around the bases after a homerun.

Who are the pitchers for the Chicago White Sox?

I would not say "gay" per se, but I would describe the stance as "knock-kneed", and "pidgeon toed" like Porky Pig. Ichiro's approach to batting is very singular, and is not related to the way the game is played in Japan. It does not look very comfortable or natural, and since we don't consider knock-knees as exuding confidence, it looks like he is being timid at the plate. Sometimes it does look as if he is wearing a girdle, but I don't agree with you that it is womanly.

I have attached a link of the swing of Ichiro compared to that of Mantle. What is interesting is that, apart from the stance, the swing is almost exactly the same. Ichiro stands much closer to the top of the batter's box.

When I was a kid, Cecil Cooper and Rod Carew both had this very open stance that we all tried to mimic, driving our little league coaches crazy. The reason that it drove them crazy is that, while the stance looked "cool" to us, only Rod Carew and Cecil Cooper could hit that way. It is really the same with Ichiro. He has been very successful with a stance that is very difficult to replicate. I'll bet that there are a lot of coaches in Seattle and Japan who roll their eyes each spring when the little boys come to the plate and stand like Miss. Wiggins (sorry, i could not find a photo of Miss Wiggins).

A more neutral way to ask your question would have been what advantage does Ichiro gain from this stance.

Best baseball fans?

If you think "standing just like a woman would stand" is gay, then you obviously don't know a single gay person. (And you've been reported.)

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