Any body heard of ed armbrister a reds outfielder in the 70s?


Who is the greatest baseball hitter of all time?

Yes, he was famous for a controversial bunt in the 1975 World Series game 3 where he laid down a bunt and before he could get out of the batters box Carlton Fisk ran up his back to field the ball and threw it into centerfield. This set off an argument that lasted several minutes. Joe Morgan ended the game with a base hit.

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He was a utility player. He was on 2 World Series championship teams, and his 15 minutes of fame came in the 1975 WS. He was involved in a controversial call in Game 2(?) He hit a swinging bunt, and in trying to get to first, he bumped Carlton Fisk, causing him to throw the ball into center. Joe Morgan(?) reached third, and the Reds scored that inning. No interference was called on the play, and the inning probably changed the series.

Baseball balls out of play?

here are his stats:

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Sure reserve outfielder. Why?

How many innings does a pitcher have to pitch in order to qualify for the win. (mlb)? in cincy you hear of everyone that comes through the reds from glenn braggs to eddie milner! if you live in cincy go check out the reds HOF. i still have to check out the pete rose exhibit!

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