Any tips/advice for a 1st timer at Yankee Stadium (going to Yanks/Sox) I am a Yank fan by the way...?

Hello next Sunday I will be going to Yanks/Sox game and will be sitting in Tier 31 section (looks like an amazing view). If anyone has any tips on what to eat, buy, park, spend...etc. THANKS!


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get there early and visit the memorials out in centerfield.

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Stay away from the fans in Section 43. They're..."funny", if you know what I mean.

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walk in there with a lot of San Franacisco Giants gear/clothing. you'll get along great with everyone

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eat like hell before u go into the stadium okay, because hotdogs are like 8 bucks ... so yea lol....becareful what u say to red sox fans there gay like that... and enjoy the game hope this helps

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leave the high intensity falsh light at home

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Park where they direct you to go (there will be plenty of police to guide you). Bring 100 dollars per person and buy and eat whatever you feel like. Don't be afraid to ask people for advice or help, contrary to what people have been made to believe, us New Yorkers are rather nice people. That goes double when we are at the game. Enjoy yourself!! One more thing, don't bring too much crap with you. There's not a lot of room where you sit and after you visit the souvenir shop, you will probably have a ton when you leave. GO YANKS!

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It's gonna be a great experience. Considering recent events, I'd avoid any Red Sox fans with a slice of pizza in their hands. Also, don't leave early and possibly end up listening to an Alex Rodriguez walkoff homerun on your car radio!

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eat a hot dog (DUH), get there realllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy... early, like 3 hours b4 game, cause it is a yanks red sox game, and have a alot of yankee stuff on, and be sure u are not near drunken dumb a s s e s

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Take the subway. Beer is like $8, so you might wanna get one of those bags that look like a beer belly that way you can sneak in your own. Have fun!

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don't take the ferry from Weehawkin, gets you there about 10mins before gametime and with your luck some idiots will be sitting in your seats and you wind up getting into a shouting match with the people in the row behind you while you try to convince the idiots in your seats that they're in the wrong place. Oh yeah and venture around the concession stands in the late innings they do give stuff away (scammed a couple free pizzas this way). Otherwise be prepared to get robbed for food.

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