After the first few weeks, which NL and AL teams look more World Series material?


Are you guys happy that the yankees are in last place?

Indians from the AL.

My scoreboard will not post The Los Angeles Angels? It posts other teams.?

Dodgers all the way baby! This is our year!

Baseball question. Which is false?

My preseason pick was Dodgers and Angels. Angels just got Jered Weaver back, and will be getting Colon back soon, so I don't invest too much into their slow start. They're also still missing Figgins as well, so they've been without 3of their better players.

The Dodgers have the MLB's best record, and I feel very confident in that pick still. They've got some offensive potential, but really get it done with quality pitching.

All of the other current division leaders I have no confidence in maintaining that top spot over the long haul...

Which one do you like more the Yankees or the red sox?

Ask again in 2 months. The season just started and most starters only have 1 or 2 starts. You can't judge by that.

Is Derek Lee of the Chgo Cubs the second coming of Jesus Christ ? I think so and he came back as a choc. face?

Royals Ha Ha Ha why can't they be good

Best Third baseman??

The New York Mets look like they'll be tough this year. I think the Braves will contend again... and I always like the Astros and Cards... they may not be super strong teams, but they play in a weak division... So, they've always got a legitimate shot at it.

Now, as far as the AL.ahhh, who cares about the AL!? DH stinks!

Why isnt Ian Kinsler higher in the Rangers batting order?

im a giants fan and i hate the dodgers but they look good so far

What should MLB do when Barry Bonds breaks the HR record?

NL teams are both the Mets and Braves and the AL teams are the Red Sox , Tigers, and Twins. the Braves and Mets have been playing great baseball they are hitting well and pitching well. the Red Sox have been pitching better than hitting. if they keep up the pitching and the hitting comes along like it did against the Angels they will be tough. the Tigers are like the Mets and Braves with the pitching and hitting working for them. the Twins will always have pitching for them with Johan Santana. there hitting has been good.

Should Randy Johnson just call it quits and retire?

Babe, there's roughly 140 something games to go; keep your shirt on.

Ask this again in August

One reason why rocket should come back to houston?

sticking with my pre-season prediction, red sox vs dodgers.

the teams both have the pitching. if the sox get their bats in shape like they were against LA this weekend they will be a tough team to beat. the only thing the dodgers are missing is a big power bat, but they've got plenty of time to fix that.

Ever heard about Andrea rodgers he broke in with the new york giants in the late 50 s or early 60s in major l

The Royals and Giants. Hah.

Why are Tigers fans always so defensive?

e=east w=west c=central wc=wildcard
e- mets (7%)
c- brewers (3%)
w- dodgers (15%)
wc- phillies (20%)

e- yankees (20%)
c- cleveland (15%
w- oakland (5%)
wc- detroit (15%)

What should the new Oakland A's name be?

Braves all the WAY! Braves will win. Guaranteed

Who's the best G.M in baseball?

AL Indians
Even though they lost yesterday they have scored lots of runs and their pitching has looked sharp.

NL Mets
The pitching has held up and the offense has terrorized opponents.

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