Anyone ever seen a bunt home run?

I wanna see someone lay down a bunt, and when they make contact somehow the ball just sails out of the ballpark. That would be great.


What exactly causes tommy john surgery? im confused.?

Yeah. This is one in Japan.

Who had the best record in MLB history, and what was it?

Good luck with that

Cantu to mets?

too funny, that is impossible

Does any one Know the ball boys for tampa bay devil rays?

I know a guy, who knows a guy, whose brother swears his best friend did it.

Does any body no a website where you can find out hte contracts of MLB players?

Maybe if the steroid era ever returns.

How many homeruns will Alex Rodriguez hit in 2007?

I've seen a bunt triple; i think it was Furcal that did it with the Braves... The 3rd baseman was pinching in, and the ball got by him (not an error), but it was a far run for the outfielder, who might have also misjudged it. That's probably the closest to a home run..

otherwise the only home run bunt would have to be an "inside the park home run" somehow.

How far should an average 14 yr old little leaguer hit a baseball in a game?

not me

Does anyone know how much a signed Ken Griffey Jr. card would sell for?

the bunt homerun is impossible. you would need a person to bunt a ball over a players head, during a jason giambi like shift, in which the out fielders are playing deep, and the one one charging it slips and falls before touching the ball

Who will win the NL batting crown this year?!?

Nope. And it's highly unlikely.


no,and i dont even know what a bunt is.

Why did the red sox wear green jerseys playing those damn yankees?

Uh yah, thats pretty much IMPOSSIBLE. hince there would have to be like 2 Errors which would count as errors not a hit.

What is the record for most extra-base hits (without a single) by an individual to begin a major league season

I think you're going to die unfulfilled then. Unless you're talking about a slap bunt by the Incredible Hulk.

Best hitter?

no i haven't seen that but it is possible. it has happened before on two occasions that i can think of off the top of my head. the first is that the batter hit the ball so hard it got stuck in some mud in front of first base because of the rain they had before the game. the catcher couldn't find the ball and the batter touched all the bases and scored. the second situation is the batter bunted and the catcher tried to pick it up and throw it to first base. he picked it up and dropped it and he got so mad because the batter was safe at first because of this he threw his glove on the ball. the ump saw this and their is a rule that states "if a player throws his glove on the ball the batter gets an extra three bases." so the batter hit a homerun that went a total distance of about 14 inches. so it is possible to "bunt" a homerun you just need some assistance with it to get the homerun.

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