14 year old pitcher?

Question:Im 14 and when i was 13 i threw a baseball 50ish m(or km)ph.my 2 questions:
how much would it be if it was mph?
how fast is the average 14 year old at throwing a baseball cause im serious about making the majors


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Divide your KM by 1.6 and you get somewhere along 30 mph. the gun was probably in mph anyway. Look at it this way. i play in an average league in Missouri and we have a 15 year old throwing 85 , he is a freak of nature and the second ranked 15 year old lefty in the us, wee have an average speed of 65-70 and one 14 year old throwing 74-78.

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i think that is around 70 miles per hour!! you are good! the averge is about 50! throw strikes and stay heathly!

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sweet i am also serious about going strait out of high school. but i don't want to play pitcher either catcher or 1st base. 50 km is about 70-75. hope i get drafted by the reds, Yankees, or tigers

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you have to be throwing faster than that it would come out to 31.0685 mph

i would say if ur a pitcher you would be throwing at least 50 mph

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ummm. that's like 30 mph.. the avg 14 year old around here is throwing mid to high 70s... so. yeah you got some work to do. showing future MLB status would be throwing low 80s at this age...

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