Any way of getting into fenway?

now that the sox have closed down the fence at remdawgs, and we less privileged fans have no tickets, are there any ways of getting into fenway now w/o tickets? Tonights a big game, Dice-K on the hill and im desperate.


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By shooting someone. It is impossible to get tickets in Fenway.

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If you're REALLY desperate, look around the area of the park, maybe even a couple of blocks away.. You might find people trying to sell their tickets. You probably have to pay higher than they are worth but like I said, if you are REALLY desperate...

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There's plenty of scalpers around the Fen, but with Matsusaka pitching the crappy seats that normally go for 40 could be close to double that. If you wait until the first pitch os thrown the prices should drop pretty quickly and usually bottom out during the second inning, but since DiceK is going the scalpers will probably sell out well before the game starts.

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No. I think you now have to pay your way, as you should. Why should some be able to sneak in free while others pay top dollar to see the game? Paying is your only choice currently.


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