All time Baseball team? One player each position.?


Who was the bench coach for the Yankees last season?

Current Players
SP- Carlos Zambrano or Johan Santana
RP-Trevor Hoffman
CP-Mariano Rivera
1st-Albert Pujols
2nd-Chase Utley
SS-Alex Rodriguez or Miguel Tejada
3rd-Miguel Cabrera or Alex Rodriguez
OF-Alfonzo Soriano
OF-Vladimir Guerrero
OF-Ichiro Suzuki
C-Michael Barrett or AJ Pierzynski
M-Tony LaRussa

Past Players
SP-Cy Young or Nolan Ryan
RP-Dennis Eckersley
CP-Lee Smith
1st-Lou Gherig
2nd-Ryne Sandburg and Jackie Robinson
SS-Cal Ripken Jr.
3rd-Robin Ventura or Wade Boggs
OF-Pete Rose
OF-Babe Ruth
OF-Mickey Mantle
OF-Roberto Clemente
Util- Hank Aaron
C-Yogi Berra
M-Joe McCarthey(Yankees) or Don Zimmer...also Tommy Lasorda

Why is it that there are Canadian professianal baseball and basketball teams but none from Mexico?

It would have to include Bo Jackson in RF

Baseball trivia?

C. Bench
1B. Gehrig
2B. Hornsby
SS. A-Rod
3B. Schmidt
LF. Williams
CF. Mays
RF. Ruth
SP. W. Johnson
R.P. Rivera

Did Mariano Rivera Finally lost his stuff?

I suppose it depends what you value in your lineup.
I would say
RF - Babe Ruth
CF - Willie Mays
LF - Ted Williams
1B - Lou Gehrig
2B - Rogers Hornsby
SS - going to go out on a limb and say Alex Rodriguez
3B - Mike Schmidt
C - Johnny Bench

RHP Walter Johnson
LHP Lefty Grove

for the newer guys
RHP Greg Maddux
RHP Roger Clemens
LHP Randy Johnson

Other than Alex Rodriguez at SS, I would say that no current player is the best at their position in the history of baseball.

Which Los Angeles teams Angels or Dodgers better this season?

P ... Christy Mathewson
C ... Johnny Bench
1st ... Lou Gehrig
2nd ... Bill Mazerowski
SS ... Honus Wagner
3rd ... Brooks Robinson
RF ... Roberto Clemente
CF ... Willy Mays
LF ... Lou Brock

Who will reach the 60 HR mark this year, if any?

1b- lou gehrig
2b- joe morgan
3b- mike schimdt
ss- a-rod
lf-ted williams
cf- mickey mantle
rf-babe ruth
catcher- gene tenace
s. pitcher-pedro martinez
s.pitcher- walther johnson
s. pitcher- nolan ryan
s.pitcher- john smoltz
r. pitcher-mariano rivera
r. pitcher-billy wagner
r.pitcher-keith foulke
r.pitcher-robb nen
r. pitcher-hoyt willhelm

Is seattle a black hole for baseball players?

OF Hank AAron,Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth
C Mike Piazza (early in his career)
1b Lou Gehrig
2b Hornsby
3b Cal Ripken Jr
ss A-rod
RP M. Rivera
SP Bob Gibson

Jose Capellan?

P Sandy Koufax
P Nolan Ryan

SS Ernie Banks
1B Lou Gehrig (bravest man ever)
2B Jackie Robinson
3B Cal Ripken Jr.

RF Reggie Jackson/Babe Ruth
LF Manny Ramirez :P
CF Mickey Mantle

C Yogi Berra

Yea Mo Rivera is the best reliever ever!

How much would a 1998 All Star Baseball Signed by Tony Gwynn go for?

This is a truly difficult question to answer since baseball has been around for over a century and has gone through many changes in playing styles and strategies. Some players were known for their defense as much as their offense, and these players would have to be considered the most valuable.

Everyone will give different answers based on whether they like power or speed, AL or NL, East coast or West coast (or Mid-west like me).

My team is based on what players were way above most of their peers at the time and often ended up considered the best one or two players at their positions all-time.

C-Johnny Bench (honorable mention: Josh Gibson)
1b-Lou Gehrig (HM: Jimmie Foxx)
2b-Roger Hornsby (HM: Joe Morgan & Eddie Collins)
ss-Honus Wagner (HM: Cal Ripken)
3b-Mike Schmidt (HM: Eddie Matthews & George Brett)
LF-Ted Williams (HM: Barry Bonds & Stan Musial)
CF-Willie Mays (HM: Ty Cobb & Mickey Mantle)
note: Mays was the first black player to be chosen 'captain' of his team
RF-Babe Ruth (HM: Hank Aaron)
Starting Rotation:
1-Walter Johnson
2-Cy Young
3-Roger Clemens
4-Lefty Grove
5-Satchel Paige
Relievers weren't considered as important until later on, so none make my list, although as closers go, Rivera is probably the best, especially considering his stellar playoff record.

There are of course many, many more outstanding players that could be listed. A better way to look at all-time greats may be to have teams for each decade or quarter-century so more players would be recognized with their peers at the time. I'm curious to see what other people will answer to this question. TS

Baseball question?

C - Berra
1B - Gehrig
2B - Morgan
SS - Wagner
3B - Schmidt
LF - Williams
CF - Mays
RF - Ruth
SP - Grove
RP - Rivera

Are the Milwaukee Brewers for real?

C - Johnny Bench
1B - Lou Gehrig
2B - Charlie Derringer
3B - Mike Schmidt
SS - Derek Jeter
RF - Dwight Evans
CF - Mickey Mantle
LF - Carl Yastrzemski
SP - Roger Clemens
RP - Mariano Rivera

How often do they change the design of the field in baseball?

P-Nolan Ryan
C-Johnny Bench
1B-Lou Gehrig
2B-Jackie Robinson
3B-Mike Schmidt
SS-Cal Ripken Jr.
OF-Henry Aaron
OF-Willie Mays
OF-Ted Williams
DH-Tony Oliva
RP-Dennis Eckersley

Cardinals MVP.?

C - Roy Campanella
1B - Lou Gehrig
2B - Jackie Robinson
3B - Brooks Robinson
SS - Cal Ripken Jr.
LF - Rickey Henderson
CF - Willie Mays
RF - Babe Ruth
DH/UT - Edgar Martinez

SP - Cy Young
SP - Christy Mathewson
SP - Roger Clemens
SP - Sandy Koufax
SP - Nolan Ryan

RP - Mariano Rivera
RP - Dennis Eckersley
RP - Goose Gossage
RP - Hoyt Wilhelm

Good fantasy team?

Im fairly young so these are mostly players Iv seen play in my lifetime.
Starting Pitcher-Babe Ruth
Catcher-Gary Carter
1B-Lou Gehrig
2B-Jackie Robinson
3B-Mike Schmidt
SS-Cal Ripken Jr.
OF-Willie Mays
OF-Ted Williams
OF-Ken Griffey Jr.
DH-Edgar Martinez
Closer-Mariano Rivera

Are there baseball leagues in toledo ohio for middle school dtudents?

C - Yogi Berra
1B - Lou Gehrig
2B - Jackie Robinson
SS - Derek Jeter
3B - Mike Schmidt
RF - Babe Ruth
CF - Mickey Mantle
LF - Ted Williams

Cy Young
Nolan Ryan
Roger Clemens
Tom Seaver
Ron Guidry

Mariano Rivera

What is the best aluminum baseball bat to date?

Batting in this order:
Rickey Henderson-----LF
Roberto Clemente-----RF
Lou Gehrig---------------1B
Willie Mays---------------CF
Mike Schmidt------------3B
Yogi Berra----------------C
Ryne Sandberg---------2B
Ozzie Smith--------------SS
Christy Matthewson----P

So by now everyone knows that clemens signed with the yankees today but does that give them a chance...?

C- Bench
1b- Eddie Murray (though I would also take Cap Anson)
2b- Roberto Alomar
3b- Eddie Mathews
ss- Ozzie Smith
of- Aaron, Cobb, Mays
sp- Young, Ryan, Koufax, Spahn,
cp- Lee Smith (or Trevor Hoffman)

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