A - Rod, wow!!!!?

I know it's not a question, but, another walk - off 4 A - Rod. Yanks 6 runs with 2 outs in the 9th. Clutch, I think he is. Yanks r goin all the way this year.


Recently, what player had an unassisted Triple Play?

I love how Yanks fans are just now starting to say how great A-Rod is...chanting MVP and all. He goes 0-4 tomorrow, they'll be booing him again. Classic.

Why do the Yankees all ways get off to a slow start?

yeah, and i traded him in my fantasy leauge too. i suck.

How long is the average major league baseball game?

I think you're right. Watch out, Boston...We're comin' to YOUR house!

Where can you download free fulll version games from?

i hate a-rod he is a douchebag... he'd be cool if he was on another team. i just hate the damn yankeee bastards.

Who is the best MLB pitcher to come along since 1970?

Now y'all like him. Yankees fans are idiots. Don't like one of the best players in baseball. Instead they love the most overrated player in baseball(derek jeter).
But what do new yorkers know about baseball anyway. There are only a handfull of them in the majors.

Do you think the Cubs should try to get these pitchers at the trade deadline?

Yanks are not goin all the way...their pitching is too weak. A-Rod is a monster though.

A-Rod has homered again! #9?

I don't know about the Yankees but A-rod sure is.lol

Who will catch for the Mets tomorrow? 04/20/07?


How many dang homers is ARod gonna hit this year!?


No wonder the NY yankees are doing horrible, look how miserable the manager looks all the time,?

we will see how "clutch" he is in the postseason... If its business as usual it will be "choke-rod"

Is there any website that tells you how many HRs a team has all together?

He's in his own zone just groovin' it!

I know its early so its hard to judge, but what teams are looking good?

It looks him him and Barry have been hanging out and exchanged some steroids

Who was the first switch hitter to hit a hundred in baseball?

We still have to get our pitching on track to go all the way!! Yes Arod is smoking! But we need our pitching to be strong!! Arod's not God!!

Is the new Twins statium a good idea?

A-Rod is doin amazingly hott this year. I think that we're in it to win it..all the way baby! Yea!! Red Sux watch out here come the Bronx Bombers and A-Rod and guess what??...we're here to kick you lazy ***..lol. be ready to get creamed!! GO A-ROD!! GO YANKEES!!

Is Jimmy Rollins on roids and will he get caught?

I want to get real excited too..but also don't want to jinx it. A-rod still has a lot to prove to the fans. Lets see how they are in June.he is a great player and I love the Yankees but lets keep it a little calm for now...go yankees!!..hehehehehehe

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