How much interest is there in a 16mm movie of the 1948 World Series?


Who thinks there is should be an astrict by Barry Bonds's name when he breaks the record?

That is a very specific collectible item. You should get it appraised by a company that is well-versed in sports memorabilia and - if it is worth significant dollars - get it insured if you plan on keeping it. It may be worth significant dollars at auction or a tax write-off if the Baseball Hall of Fame would accept it as a donation.

Why wouldn't a pitcher just lick his hand on the mound (for a ball) in place of pitching an intentional ball?

probably alot depending on what a collector feels about the game...

this is a brief summery of the game

Why is there a Shortstop between 3rd and 2nd but not between 2nd and 1st?

Probably not much as you can get highlights of the series on DVD.

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