14-0 Could The Red Sox lose any worse to the Atlanta Braves?

Question:The Red Sox lost 14-0 against the Atlanta Braves

-- So Much for the best team in BASEBALL ... lol wow 14-0 ....


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yes it could have been 15-0

Oakland A's?

big deal *** boy, now go to bed. 1-0 or 14-0 doesn't make any difference

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ouch, you just made yourself look retarded. That sucks.

Yahoo question and answer?


They called me crazy!!?

They were mighty tired after scoring all of those runs in the afternoon.

And they still are the best team in baseball.

I live in Texas but I am a huge Red Sox fan. Is there a way around the MLB blackouts?


It could have been 15 - 0. But that score is one to hang your head in shame over.

Go Brew-Crew!! (I know - they also lost today. . .)

What is the average age of the yankees starting lineup?

Think about this factor Devern Hansack was pitching a rookie. He was one of the key factors in the Red Soxs lose.

Brewers vs Mets?

Well they ran inot good pitching because Smoltz was really good tonight

If they would had beckett in there, it wouldnt had happened and it would be sox-14 braves-0
but Hansack was in there and he hasnt had much of a shot at the big league pitchers, just the minors

Maybe it will be the same tomorrow cause they are planning to pitch Kason Gabbard so Wakefield can start the series against the yankees monday

Get your brooms ready cause im predicting a sweep
they are the best team no matter what!
29-13 for a reason son

Is Manny Ramirez Clutch?

I'd rather see them lose 14-0 than something like 1-0 or 5-3. Games like that, they have a chance or two to win and fail to execute well. Losing a blowout, well, sometimes that happens, and it doesn't much matter what they did.

Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you.

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That was just one bad day. The red sox will do better next game.

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It's probably much worse than their 13-3 win over the Braves in the first game of their double header. Oh and the Yankees didn't exactly look like champions today giving up 10 runs in their loss to the Mets.

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now we know who is the best team in baseball the atlanta braves

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If you asked 100,000 baseball fans who the best team in baseball is, exactly 0 would say the Braves.

Every team gets clobbered once in a while (take a look at game #1). This means nothing. Regardless of the loss, they still have the best record and the biggest lead in baseball.

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Oh come on now,,I'm a die hard yankee fan and even i gotta say this is a lame statement! They have the best record in baseball,Everyone has to loose sometime! They played a doubleheader,,Geezz give the guys a break!! wish my yanks had their record,,I'm jealous :( and from the looks of it

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makess no difference

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