Angels Fans.. What will the Angels do with Willits when Garret Anderson returns?

What position would they play him? Would he be sent down?


Was 1996 the craziest year in baseball ?

The Angels will find a spot for him. Maybe move GA as a DH and let Hillenbrand ride the pine for a while...Or have Willits and GA platoon in LF.

Who is this rogar clemmons guy? is he like the oldest rookie ever?

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Willits probably won't be sent down, but he will likely sit on the bench and will spell the outfilders when anyone of them needs a rest, particularly Anderson, since they probably want to keep him healthy. I have no idea what they will do when Juan Rivera returns, however...they may trade or designate for assignment someone who is not playing well to make room for him

King Felix or Matsuzaka?

I'm not an Angels fan, but I would DH Anderson and leave Willits in the lineup. Hillenbrand doesn't really justify a DH spot yet. With Figgins not producing, Quinlan can play third allowing Kotchman and Hillenbrand to produce at first. The Angels are going to get pretty scary over the next few weeks once Howie Kendrick gets back. They've got an excellent rotation, a good bullpen, speed and power in the lineup and one of the best defenses in the league. Makes me wish I was an Angels fan.

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