A starting pitcher can put in six or seven strong innings, and then have a relief pitcher blow a hold or...?

save by allowing the tying or go-ahead run to score. When their team re-takes the lead the next half-inning, that ineffective reliever gets credit for the win, taking it away from the starting pitcher. Why should a relief pitcher who blows a hold or save and is merely the pitcher of record when his team re-takes the lead be given credit for a win? Do you think this rule should be changed, allowing the official scorer to give the win to either the starting pitcher or the last relief pitcher with a successful hold?


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I see your point, but that is the name of the game.

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I agree, if the pitcher blows the lead then they retake it he shouldn't be credited for the win

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It's just the luck that the pitcher gets, they could go 8 innings of perfect pitching and they turn it over to the closer for the save in the ninth and they lose the game. I don't think the rule should be changed just keep it the way it is.

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Yes, I've always thought the rule should be this way. If the reliever blows the lead and then the offense gets it back, the credit for the win should revert to the starting pitcher who held off the other team.

In today's climate of short-term starters, I also think we need to drop the 5-inning requirement for the starter to get the win. Failing that, I think we need to recognize "gang wins", just as the NFL recognizes "gang tackles". Give credit to all who (ahem) pitched in, and let them share the credit with 1/2 win or 1/3 win. Heck, with all the processing support we have on the net, it shouldn't be any problem to apportion the win pro rata to all the pitchers who helped build or maintain the lead. Give full credit to those who increased the lead, half credit to those who held even, and minor credit to those who kept the lead while losing ground (say, turning a 5-2 lead into a 5-4 lead, but still winning the game).

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