Alex Rodriguez?

Is there a more dominant hitter in baseball? I think the way he is playing this year already is a sign that the Yanks will take the 'ship this year. Who else agrees?


What do you think about...?

No there isn't a more dominant hitter in baseball at the moment.

As for the two geniuses who say the Yankees have no pitching, or the pitching is old and they have no middle relief, maybe they should look at the stats before they write that junk. The Yankees staff ERA is around 3.70 which is very good considering Wang hasn't pitched yet this year, and Mussina is on the D.L.

No middle relief? Hey, genius look at the ERAs of Henn and Bruney, who have pitched 20 innings between them this season and have ERAs, below 1.00 after today's game. Vizcaino has been GREAT until today, and the one bad game inflated his ERA. The last three guys who started were 24 (Chase Wright) 27 (Igawa), and 26 (Rasner). Granted Mussina is 38, but Wang is 27. Mussina would fit in with the Red Sox rotation of 40-year old Curt Schilling, 40 year old Tim Wakefield, and 40 year old reliever Mike Timlin.

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Got to have pitching there sweetheart.

I look forward to AFraud showing you his wares in October.

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I hate the yankees but I am happy to see A-Rod regain his swing. People seem to think he is somehow been a big bust eventhough he was the MVP two years ago and Giambi is the bigger bust. He has had issues but people seem to blame him for the Yankees problems forgetting the fact the starting pitching is old enough to obtain AARP cards and they still have no middle relief.

What team will A-Rod be playing for next season?

Most dominant right now. He is finially playing up to his paychecks. Yankees will not win 'ship.

Get rid of 2 MLB teams and then add 2 new MLB teams?

I don't know but he's hot...!

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Arod is the most dominant hitter of baseball and the yankees will take the ship.

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What a rebound! Maybe he just neede to get off his chest that him and Jeter were not that close anymore to get rid of some of that pressure or maybe it's just that he wants out after this season so needs great stats but either way it's another ring for the YANKS!

Who are the clutch players on the Yankees?

when he hit that walk off home run off joe borowski today i was crushed. hes on a tear right now

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NY Yankees all the way!
A-rod was a distraction, now that he is hot, and no more can be blamed, Yankees will play to its full potential.

Wang, Pavano, Mussina will all contribute. Red Hot Yankees from June till 27th "ship."

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i dont think he is the most dominant hitter in baseball but he is in the top 5 i still want to see him do this the whole year then we can say he is but i say david ortiz manny ramirez albert pujols are the most dominant then alex rodriguez and then alfonso soriano

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10 homers in 14 games as of April 19, 2007, A-Rod is hot and ready to begin earning his mega-bucks.

The problem with the Yankees is of course, its pitching staff. It's not that deep and the season has only begun. The Yanks need the long ball hitters to be in first place by the All-Star break.

Not in first place, the Yanks need to start contributing as a team to make George Steinbrenner a happy man with his now valued $1.2 billion team (Forbes Magazine).

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Until he gets a ring he wont get the respect he deserves. He is probably going to win the MVP but the Yanks have no pitching this year and it will come back and kick em in the ***.

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this is to the first person

sweetheart i hate to break it to you but we do have wright has as many wins as the beloved dice k...our team era is 3rd in the al mkay pumpkin

hell yea the way arod is hitting in the clutch im not surprised if we take the through nine we are the smost solid lineup you could find...and beelive it or not but our bullpen is rather nasty too...bruney, henn, mo, farnsworth, proctor, myers, and vizcaino is are pretty shut ya mouth about the pitching..

go yankees

Any person that likes venezuelan baseball?

he is playing well. let's see how he does in Fenway this weekend. those fans can really ride a guy like him

World series on wednesday? what is reason? ratings for networks during midweek?

I don't I'm a Mets fan, But!! Elrod is the most Domini hitter in the game today, If the Yanks do win the series they will have to get by the Mets!
Mister Otis of Boston is the best Clutch Hitter thou.!! (it will be nice if Elrod hit at least 75 Home runs this year so he'll get Barry Bonds off the record books and put it back to NY.

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