Alex Gordon question?

Now that Alex "the great" Gordon is batting .045, is it time to send him back to the minors where he belongs. He might be great one day, but he needs more experience in the minors.


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Jeepers, you sound jealous.

Believe me, once the weather gets warmer his bat will catch fire. Mark My Words, he very well could be the AL Rookie Of The Year (dice-k wont be cuz he aint no rookie, or at least should NOT be considered one).

He needs experience up here facing real live MLB pitching.

I think mr g. needs a clue!

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I would love to agree with you, but there are many "superstars" that go through a week long slump.

Perhaps Kansas City needs more fair weather fans like up on a great player because of a little slump.

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No he is just in a slump. Even the great ones go through slumps especially at the beggining. I remember Jeter had a tough slump a few years back in the first few months and still wound up hitting around .290. Flash Gordon was the Minor League Player of the Year last season so he has nothing left to prove in the minors.

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He will be a good ballplayer someday, but right now the hype is a little too much. Also a little to early for the minors.

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Granted the hype around this kid is WAY too much, but you can't count him out based on one week. Before yesterday Pujols was in the same boat, would you send him to the minors?

BTW - when was the last time the Royals saw "fair weather?" Just kidding!!

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