Anybody know the name of the 90's baseball sitcom?

There was a baseball sitcom in the early 90's. I remember 2 episodes. 1- where the manager (i believe Lou Pinella) puts the bats in the jacuzzi and they warp, therefore they have to borrow a bat from the other team and they end up giving them a corked bat and 2- a guy was in a slump and then found that he hit a homerun everytime he slept with his wife. He proceeded to hit 3 homeruns in the next game and gestured to his dugout the number 3 with his fingers. Anybody??


Salaries of minor league baseball?

Hardball" (Fox, 1994)
(this site is the best, it has a description of the episodes)

Joe tinker?

The Montreal Expo's?

Does anyone know who won the recent baseball series?

Hardball (1994)

If Jim Edmonds career ended right now do you think he has what it takes to make the MLB Hall Of Fame?

It was called Hardball, and it was on fox after the simpsons in the mid 90's

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