After the Phillies 1-6 start this year, how much of a chance do they have of competing in the NL East?

Now that the season has started, who are your picks for the NL East?


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I pick the Mets, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. We're talking 7 games out of 162.

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its still early in the season anything can'll win 50 games and lose 50 games its the other 62 that matter.

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The Phillies still have a strong fighting chance in the NL East. They may be 1-6 but that means they have 155 games left on their schedule. They aren't done by any means, and you know the Mets and Braves are aware of that.

It's also highly unlikely to say that the Mets won't hit a cold streak either where they lose a few games in a row. All I can say though is that if the Phillies had best start winning soon, like tomorrow.

I still say the Mets win the NL East, but it is April.

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None face it they stink

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It's the same pick I had at the beginning. The New York Mets. That team is just too explosive offensively. There pitching will probably struggle a bit, but they will demolish the poor NL East pitching.

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The NL East does not have poor pitching...well except the Nationals. I think the Phillies bullpen could be their downfall they need help bad in that area. They have good starting pitching and a good offense. I still think they will finish 3rd.

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"Baseball season is not a sprint but a marathon." Dont worry plenty of time, but it will be close.

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I am a huge Phillies fan, so Ill say that before I answer.

The NL east is starting off hot, and the Phillies play the majority of their schedule in April vs the NL east. They'll have to start playing better in April, or else theyll be 10-12 games back before you know and be playing catch up like usual.

The bullpen and clutch hitting have hurt them as it usually does. They leave too many RISP and it hurts them severely.

The starting pitching doesn't seem to be the problem. They keep them in the game for as long as they can.

Once Howard and Utley heat up they'll start to win some.

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The start shouldn't have much bearing on the season in general, but 1-6 does give them a little handicap. With the Braves competitive after a year off, the NL East is going to be a tough race. Don't count out the Marlins, either. Unless the Phils get some decent bullpen help, I don't see them winning the division, much less making the playoffs.

1) Mets
2) Braves
3) Phillies
4) Marlins
5) the poor, poor Nationals

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I'm a huge Phillies fan and even though I'm pissed about their bad start the season just started and it's way too long to count them out right away. However, if that bullpen isn't resolved then forget about it you can't win without a good pen. I think as the season goes Utley and Howard will start to contribute more, the starting pitching is already looking good and should continue, i think Burrell is gonna open some eyes this year too.

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It is still early and they have a good team, but they are in a competitive division with the Mets and the Braves. They had better get it together.

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