About how fast does a fastball travel in high school?


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78 is a pretty good high school fastball. If you were throwing 90's in high school you were a freak, and you got drafted.

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Depends whos throwing it doesnt it???

Red sox//yankees!?

There is a pretty good range in high school. The very best kids can hit mid 90s.

Average kids are about 85 mph.

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Depends, but when I played varsity baseball, most guys were throwing in the 80's, some into the 90's.

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IN high school? Gee, my mother didn't let us throw anything INDOORS.

That depends on the pitcher. But the thing is that anyone can hit a fastball, particularly if there's no movement. That's why it's not about throwing heat, but about command of your pitches.

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When i was in high school 7 years ago I saw a couple exceptional kids throwing in the 80's but most pitched between high 60's and mid 70's. I dunno what they are up to now

Play softball?

Depends on the pitcher. I faced two pitchers that threw in the mid-90's in high school.

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