Should Chien-Ming Wang be demoted to the bullpen (for Yankee fans)?

Seeing how he struggled during the 2006 playoffs and the 2007 spring traning, do you think Chien-Ming Wang should be demoted? I doubt he can do much better than in 2006, and with good pitchers that are better than Wang like Igawa I doubt we still need him in our starting rotation.


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Sounds good. Why wait for the inevitable sophomore slump, just cut it off before it happens.
Nice idea.

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Well, given that Wang has yet to pitch this season due to injury, I thnk you are being too drastic.
Plus, his "struggle" you mention in the 2006 playoffs, he's the one who got the win.

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are u on something no way wang is your best pitcher and sorry but wang is better than igawa no

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Not to sound rude, but what are you talking about? Should Wang be demoted?? He's only the Yankees best starting pitcher, tied Santana for the major league lead in wins last season and finished second in the Cy Young voting. Yeah, right, he should be in the 'pen. He wasn't great in his game against Detroit, but he wasn't awful. He pitched well enough to win, which is more than you can say for Mussina, Johnson, and Wright.

He did not struggle in the spring. He got off to a slow start which every pitcher does, but he got better in every start, and went 5 shutout innings his last start before he hurt his hamstring. He needed one more start to tune up and get ready to pitch opening day. He is the Yankees best pitcher by far.

You think Igawa is better than Wang?? Did you see Igawa pitch Saturday?? It looked more like batting practice! Please know what you are talking about before you compare the staff ace who throws a 96 MPH sinker to a guy who tosses an 87 MPH straight fastball.

I have to ask, is this a serious question? If you are really a Yankee fan, you can't be serious.

Ballzy, Wang is in his third year. If he was going to have a sophomore slump, it would have happened last year. He's an ace.

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Dude was wrong with you?? Did u see the first play off game against the tigers .. shut out baseball o0o and i didnt nko u get demoted for winning 19 games (tied 1st wit Johan santana). Hes out ace

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I think if you have a 24 year older who finished in the top five in cy young race last year, you keep him as a starter. The Yankees have one weakness and it is the starting rotation, with Pavano being injury prone and Igawa looking like Hideki Irabu you want Wang to join Pettite and Moose at the top of the rotation.

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What do you think? Should he be traded?

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Wang's been their most consistant starting pitcher the past two years.

Demoting him because of his playoff performance? ARod had a pretty lousy playoff performance, too and he seems to be doing pretty well so far this season. Did you want to demote him?

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First off Igawa sucks. His fastball was in the mid-80's and is was up in the zone. Wang is the ace of the staff, you can't just demote him to the bullpen especially when the rotation has struggled so much.(Before the last two nights)

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From what I've seen Wang is definitely better than Igawa. Hell Wang is even close to or better than Moose. I think if the Yankees get another ace (ahem Clemens) or move up Andy Phillips (who I hear to be an ace) from the minors I would move Wang towards the back of the rotation. Wang is good enough to pitch in the leagues he did give us some much needed wins last season since our bullpen was pretty much sh*#.

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