#1 vs #2 FSU vs UNC who u got to win the series?


Who do you think will win the AL central?

Been watching FSU all year. Their the real deal. They hit, pitch and field. Take the home team -- NOLES.

PS :FSU is hitting .370 as a team with 114 doubles, 14 triples and 27 homers in 39 games. The pitching staff has a 3.02 ERA with 310 strikeouts and 129 walks.

What is an assit in baseball?

who cares

What current NHL or MLB players wear the number 18?

I didn't even know they were #1 and #2. Anyways, I'd go with FSU on this one.

Who else loves fact clemens is pitching for yankees?

wat is this about??college baseball? who cares?
when it comes to baseball,only MLB matters.

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